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Gold Dry Vodka 70cl



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With Gold Dry Vodka you make the wisest choice to stroll for gold!

Joel Beukers (Dutch Fitness Model) wanted to do something together with his companion Julian. While enjoying a vodka and a surprise at Nikki Beach Ibiza, they came up with the golden idea: VODKA!

Not just any vodka, but GOLD DRY VODKA! The drink that Joel always drinks and with which he can ‘stroll gold-dry’ at the same time. In short, pure profit!

Gold Dry Vodka is traditionally distilled in the Dutch way in Schiedam (Rotterdam), the home of premium Vodka and Gin. Making Gold Dry starts with 100% of the finest grain. Gold Dry is distilled five times and each distillation makes the vodka softer and more refined. After distillation, osmosis water is added. This way the vodka comes to optimum strength with an optimal taste. One shot (35ml) 40% vol. (alcohol) Gold Dry Vodka contains 77 calories, the ideal choice if you want to stroll on the beach.

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