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Whiplash Blackdrifts Oat Tripel 9% alc. 44cl



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Backdrifts is our first entry into the style of Belgian Tripels and given its popularity here it won’t be our last. We’ve built this one on a mostly traditional base of Pilsner and Belgian sugar but with the added flair of some Irish Oats for that smooth jazz Whiplash experience we love so much.

Kettle additions kept to a minimal and traditional sprinkling of Saaz hops before opting again for the non-traditional addition of fresh orange zest in the whirlpool before heading off to meet our guest house Belgian yeast in tank. We’ve opted for a pretty minimal pepper and clove ferment profile instead fermenting on the lower end of the temp spectrum to help compliment that orange citrus before giving it another light and restrained complimentary dry zest addition of orange again in tank before a good long lagering sleep before heading off to pack.

The result is a Tripel that’s smoother and creamier than your average with that classic present but restrained Belgian ester with minimal heat. It’s unfiltered and unfined but proudly bright with a light complimenting fresh orange zest note that eases the depth of the malt just in time to leave you wanting another sip. 

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