Brouwerij Bliksem Hammer Smasher Mango DIPA 8,5% alc 44cl



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A Double IPA with lots of Mango in it…and when we say lots, you bet your sweet ass it has lots! But you can’t just throw mangos in the kettle like a madman, can you? We had to pulverize them one by one, but you must have the right tool for that. Within the brewery we have plenty of walking tools with a pulse, but incompetent for this job…So we used a good ol’ hammer to smash them and turning the brewery’s floor into a massacre. The hoppy fruity taste is likewise…it viciously smashes in your face with full force! This beer just screams for a classic and one of the most well known Brutal Death Metal anthems around, doesn’t it? We think it does...

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