Kykoa Ancient Brew Amfora Aged 12% alc. 33cl



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Amphoras were the first vessel used by humans to make beer. Recent studies suggest that the result was a mixed fermentation wild ale that got sour while aging.

We brewed a huge 35+ Plato Imperial Stout full of crazy amounts of roasted malts. Aging in clay allows for far more oxygen penetration than oak barrels which mellows the harsh rostiness into beautiful coffee and chocolate notes and the diverse microflora of the clay add a delicate tartness to the beer with some dark fruit notes.

Color is black with nice viscosity and a tiny brown head that dissipates. Aroma is warm, sweet dark malts, molasses, dark bread crust with some mushroomy earthy notes. Taste is light sweet, warming and light to medium lactic tartness with intense roasty coffee and chocolate and some dark fruit notes. Tartness goes all the way to the aftertaste with light yeasty fruit notes and tiny bit of salinity. Body is medium to full. 

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