Ophiussa Liberator Madeira Wine BA Doppelbock 10% 37,5cl



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Commercial relationships based on trust and respect are one of the pillars for the success of any business and this has been our relationship with Multi Bier. It was one of the first exports we made and at that time there was little to believe and invest in our brand, which was only 6 months old. Since then, Multi Bier has become our best client and completely transformed Ophiussa's journey, allowing us to grow faster and take more risks. Thank you for believing in us since day one! To celebrate this precious relationship we decided to release this Doppelbock that aged for 10 months in an extraordinary Madeira Wine barrel selected by us due to the intense notes of figs, dates and raisins found in it and that interconnect so well with the characteristics of the base beer. The result is a Doppelbock that is very different from what you are expecting and that we consider to be worthy of toasting to many more years of partnership with Multi Bier!

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